Sometimes, We Wish We Could Be Brett Eldredge

Or at least be his best friend

Besides the obvious activity of singing for crowds of screaming fans (which is, of course, awesome), Brett Eldredge fills his days doing some seriously cool stuff. Between hanging out with great company to visiting new places to just goofing off, we’re a little jealous of Brett and his crazy awesome life! Of course, no one is perfect, but it looks like Brett is having fun more often than not. Here are a few times when we wished we could be Brett Eldredge… or at least be his best friend and tag along for all of his adventures!

1. When he’s hanging out with his famous friends

I mean, don’t we all show up to hockey games with Thomas Rhett, Luke Bryan, and their wives? No? Oh. That must be a Brett Eldredge thing. Can we come cheer on the Predators with you and this crew next time, Brett?


2. When he’s traveling the globe

It seems that Brett is a serial traveler, and he’s always heading out to somewhere amazing. For example, the Eiffel Tower…

… or a scenic overlook in Madrid, Spain…

Saturday night in Madrid?! Lets goooooooo! What ya doin tonight????

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… or even better, he’s playing some tunes with a postcard view of Greece in the background. Come on, does it get much better than that?!

Theres a half of million sunsets I haven't got to show you….#santorini

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3. When he’s celebrating with his home team

When he does make it back to his hometown of Paris, Illinois after all his globetrotting, he’s usually cheering on the Chicago Cubs. Most recently, he celebrated their World Series win with them, and was even a part of the victory parade.

So this is happening! We are about to parade this around chicago! Who's ready?! WORLD SERIES CHAMPS @cubs

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4. When he’s spending time with his family

We think it’s pretty safe to say that Brett Eldredge has a goofy side, and this proves it. Whatever’s happening in this picture, it looks like a fun family gathering!

Just a bunch of cousins acting our age!

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5. When he’s playing with his dog, Edgar

As if Brett Eldredge isn’t charming enough on his own, his pup, Edgar, is a charmer himself! Brett’s handsome furry friend is always accompanying his human for fun times. We’ll gladly join him next time he and Edgar need some company!

Just a couple fellas playin in the leaves!

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6. When he goes on outdoor adventures

From camping and kayaking to exotic beaches, it looks like Brett spends a ton of time outside. Hey, that sure beats working at a desk all day, right?


7. When he, uhh, plays dress-up?

We’re not sure whose idea this was, but it made for a hilarious picture. Brett Eldredge may be super talented and successful, but that doesn’t mean he can’t have some fun on the job!