Watch Kip Moore Explore Costa Rica in Lyric Video for ‘More Girls Like You’

Photo Credits: Instagram @kipmooremusic

Kip Moore shows off scenes from his recent trip to beautiful Costa Rica in new lyric music video for “More Girls Like You.” After you get past the jealousy, you’ll enjoy sweeping professional shots from the Central American paradise as you get familiar with the lyrics to his latest single.

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The lyric video starts out with a heartfelt explanation from the country singer as to what the song’s meaning is. “A lot of people are gonna take this song as, this song’s about wanting to have a kid, and that’s a small element of it,” Moore says, while enjoying a beer on vacation. “To me, it’s more of that person you find so amazing you hope when you have a kid they turn out as amazing as her. That’s what this new song is about.”

Video clips show the pure beauty of the Central America country in addition to Moore kicking back, dancing and laughing with locals— really just having a having a good time.  Moore is known for his love of traveling and meeting new people—no matter how different they may be from one another— he enjoys every second of exploring what the world has to offer.

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“I love to travel and really embrace the surrounding culture wherever I am. I never have much of a plan when I go, just the destination, and am always open to meeting people and having memorable experiences,” Moore says in a recent press release. “My best friend PJ is an amazing videographer and photographer, and he was able to document a lot of this trip, and we thought it would be an interesting way to show that other side of my life when I’m not on the road and touring non-stop.”

Moore co-wrote the tune with Josh Miller, Steven Olsen, and David Garcia. The song is now available on iTunes. Check out the full lyric video above.