Taylor Swift Makes Public Appearance — In a Courtroom

Photo Credits: Instagram @taylorswift

Taylor Swift has been making headlines lately, but not for the music that fans are expecting to come out in the near future. Instead, Swift is at the epicenter of media focus because of a court case regarding a 2013 photograph she took with a former country music radio personality.

Swift is currently a party to an action that is taking place in the federal court system in Denver, Colorado. According to the lawsuit, Swift claimed that David Mueller, who was fired from KYGO pursuant to Swift’s allegations, groped her during a pre-show meet & greet event. Mueller vehemently denied the accusation, suing the music superstar for millions of dollars in damages related to defamation claims. Swift, who didn’t press charges initially, countersued Mueller for sexual assault.

Swift’s statements have consistently reflected that Mueller “reached under my skirt and grabbed my ass.”

Photo obtained from TMZ

Yesterday, Swift made a rare public appearance, taking the stand in the courtroom to defend herself and her honor. During her testimony, she explained:

There has been a lot of talk about jostling and sliding and gliding into the frame. This was not jostling. There was no diving into the frame. . . . He did not touch my arm. He did not touch my rib. He did not touch my hand. He grabbed my bare ass.

Of course, as can be expected in court, opposing counsel tried to flip the script and pin the actions of his client on the starlet. According to those who showed up to the public trial in support of Swift, the incomparably successful singer-songwriter stood her ground and never faltered.

Though Swift never sought legal action against Mueller, her team did immediately take her complaint to KYGO. The Denver radio station took the allegations seriously and severed Mueller’s $150,000-per-year contract. In response, the former DJ sued Swift for three million dollars in damages and the ability to “clear my name.” Rather than sitting by the wayside and simply defending an action, Swift countersued Mueller for sexual assault, praying the court award her one dollar as symbolic judgment.

In ending her testimony yesterday, the always poignant and wisely-worded Swift stated:

It happened to me. I have a 3-D rendition of what happened in my brain. I could have picked him out of a line of 1,000. I know exactly who did this. It is not alleged. It is a fact. . . . You can ask me a million questions about it and I’m never going to say anything different.

And in true mic drop fashion, her attorney simply addressed the judge and said, “Absolutely no further questions, your honor.”