Sugarland Gives Sneak Peek of Emotional New Song “Tuesday’s Broken”

Photo Credits: Instagram @sugarland

Country music award-winning duo Sugarland is releasing its new album, Bigger, next Friday, June 8. Today, Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush are giving fans a sneak peek at their emotional new track, “Tuesday’s Broken,” which is available for immediate download upon album pre-order.

The song was inspired when Bush was reading a newspaper on a plane and found out that another senseless school shooting had occurred. When he put down the paper to focus on the write he was traveling to, he began to wonder what he would tell his own son about why these tragic events keep happening.

Upon arriving at the write and meeting up with Nettles, he shared his thoughts with his duo partner and her creative wheels began to turn. Nettles asked that Bush give her forty-five minutes to be alone with the piano the following morning. By the time Bush and Nettles got together to write again, she had pieced together the chorus and verses, capturing Bush’s thoughts perfectly.

When I walked in, she had the … sitting by the piano, she was like “what do you think about this?” and I was just on the ground. Literally laid on the ground on my back. Started weeping.

Nettles further shared that she drew her inspiration from Civil Rights Activist Ruby Sales, thinking about her posing the question “where does it hurt?” to people. In that moment, Nettles pondered what we, as a human race, could avoid if we just stopped and asked one another that poignant question.

The result of Bush’s notes and Nettles’ deep thoughts led to the magic that is “Tuesday’s Broken.” You can download the song today by clicking here to pre-order Sugarland’s new album, Bigger.

Listen to “Tuesday’s Broken” by Sugarland in its entirety here:

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