You’ll Only Recognize These Foods If You’re Southern

southern food traditions

Good food can come from just about any region of the world, but the southern region of the U.S. has some pretty unique cuisine! Southern food is in a class all its own. How many of these foods have you eaten?

1. Grits

There’s really no wrong way to eat this signature Southern food. Put a nice pat of butter on top, mix in some cheese, or even serve them with shrimp. Some even use the word “grits” as an acronym that stands for “girls raised in the south!”

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2. Coke and Peanuts

Yep, that’s right, the peanuts go IN your Coca-Cola! You can use a Coke in a plastic bottle, but honestly, we’re pretty sure it just tastes better when it’s an old-fashioned glass bottle.

3. Rocky Mountain Oysters

Despite the name, Rocky Mountain Oysters actually have nothing to do with seafood. If you really need to know what they are, we’ll let you look that one up for yourself. But be warned– people with weak stomachs should just live in ignorance of this one!

4. Moon Pies and RC Cola

Moon Pies and Royal Crown Cola go together like Porter and Dolly, y’all. Enjoying a marshmallow filled Moon Pie with an ice cold RC is an age-old Southern food tradition!

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5. Pimento Cheese

If you think mixing mayonnaise, pimento peppers, and cheese sounds terrible, well then– you haven’t tried it! Southerners put pimento cheese on crackers, hamburgers, and just about everything in between!

6. Chitlins

Another Southern food that involves cooking unconventional parts of an animal, we’ll leave the details for you to figure out. They’re also known as “chitterlings,” but of course the South also has a knack for making up its own versions of words, so we call ’em “chitlins.”

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What’s your favorite Southern food?