Scotty McCreery Announces New Single “This Is It”

Photo Credits: Instagram @scottymccreery

Since becoming musically independent and personally attached, Scotty McCreery‘s career has truly soared.

McCreery released his relatable and gut-wrenching song, “Five More Minutes,” as the lead single off his forthcoming album Seasons Change. Now that the track has reached the No. 1 position on the charts, he is following it up with another radio release; this time honoring his fiancee, Gabi Dugal.

The American Idol winner and chart-topping country singer tweeted the exciting news about the release, explaining the significance of the track to him and his future wife.

The song was written one week before the North Carolina proposal and describes the scenery that McCreery and Dugal experienced as they took a leap in their relationship and promised to be together forever. In the lyrics, McCreery vulnerably admits that he realizes she has been waiting for the proposal for some time, and he, too, was feeling the same anticipation. However, he wanted the moment to be perfect and, as the song aptly states, “this is it.”

McCreery’s album, Seasons Change, will be released on March 16, 2018 under independent label Thirty Tigers. You can hear his brand new single, released today, and see the full track list and impressive “who’s who” of songwriters below.

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Seasons Change track list:

  1. “Seasons Change” (Scotty McCreery/James McNair/Tommy Cecil)
  2. “Wherever You Are” (Scotty McCreery/Frank Rogers/Dan Isbell)
  3. “Boys From Back Home” (Scotty McCreery/Dan Isbell/Jason Gantt)
  4. “Five More Minutes” (Scotty McCreery/Frank Rogers/Monty Criswell)
  5. “In Between” (Scotty McCreery/Frank Rogers/Jessi Alexander/Jonathan Singleton)
  6. “This Is It” (Scotty McCreery/Frank Rogers/Aaron Eshuis)
  7. “Wrong Again” (Scotty McCreery/Frank Rogers/Phillip White)
  8. “Move It On Out” (Scotty McCreery/Dan Isbell/Aaron Eshuis)
  9. “Barefootin’” (Scotty McCreery/Frank Rogers/David Lee Murphy)
  10. “Still” (Scotty McCreery/Aaron Eshuis)
  11. “Home In My Mind” (Scotty McCreery/James McNair/Tommy Cecil)