Randy Travis’ Wife Asks Supporters to Sign Petition

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Footage from a 2012 DWI arrest of country superstar Randy Travis could be made public, contrary to a Grayson County Judge’s assurance that it wouldn’t.

A petition has been launched by the singer’s wife Mary Davis-Travis as well as his manager and publicist requesting that the Texas Attorney General keep the clip private.

According to the petition, a state court order protecting the footage from being released was originally in place, but the Texas Attorney General’s Office has since refused to follow the state’s order.

Martin J. Cirkiel, Travis’ attorney stated, “When this case started it was only about Randy Travis but now it has evolved into a case protecting the privacy rights of every American who happens to have a video taken of them when in the midst of a medical emergency or mental health breakdown and wants to make sure those private moments, remain just that- private.”

“The video, which contains confidential and sensitive footage, was taken after Mr. Travis had suffered a serious concussion as well as various other physical injuries due to the car crash,” the petition reads.

Travis’ wife Mary shared the petition on her Facebook page, urging fans and friends to sign it.
“It is unfortunate that there are those out there that wish for bad things to happen to good people, and will go to any length to undermine them. This is a case where the justice system has miserably failed and bowed down to ill-intended requests,” Mary wrote along with a link to the petition page.

“We were told by the Judge in Grayson County that the video would be destroyed after Randy completed all requirements handed down by the Judge. Randy completed all requirements in very timely fashion, only to be told by the Attorney General’s office that the Judge didn’t have the authority! We have been in this battle ever since, along with so diligently trying to recover from his massive health issues. Randy has overcome so many obstacles; and, continues to have such a positive attitude–by God’s grace.”

If you want to sign the petition, you can do so here.