Brad Paisley and Lindsay Ell Perform Stunning Rendition of “Whiskey Lullaby”

Photo Credits: Instagram @lindsayell

There is one thing you will come to learn quickly if you don’t already know. It is that when you mess with one member of the country music community, you mess with them all. Sure, artists battle for top spots on charts, they face off at awards shows, and they vie for coveted live performances, but at the end of the day, country music is one big family.

This weekend, one of our family members, Lindsay Ell, was cut from a radio show schedule, citing reasons about her personal life. Though Ell handled it eloquently and tastefully, fans were less than pleased with the mistreatment of this budding star.

The radio station is Sacramento’s KNCI, and Ell was in town to open for Brad Paisley during his Weekend Warrior Tour. Hearing about the mishap, Paisley certainly wasn’t about to let Ell leave town without a little extra love — both for her own sake and the sake of her fans. He not only invited her out to sing “Whiskey Lullaby” with him, a song he recorded with Alison Krauss, but he asked her to remain on stage and perform an acoustic version of her song “Waiting On You.”

Before she began strumming the acoustic guitar, she very simply stated: “Brad Paisley is the coolest person on the planet.”

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Cool he is, indeed. But what was even cooler than Paisley’s presence on stage and warm welcome to Ell to share the spotlight was watching these two phenomenal guitarists perform side-by-side. Like a true professional, Ell grabbed the acoustic guitar that was handed to her, informed Paisley it was in “G Sharp,” and was ready to roll instantly. Though Paisley jokingly scoffed at the key, he immediately began playing Ell’s single with her, not skipping a beat as she belted through a verse and a chorus for the packed house.

Watch Brad Paisley and Lindsay Ell’s performance of “Whiskey Lullaby” and Ell’s encore above!