The Oak Ridge Boys’ Joe Bonsall Chases Down Hit and Run Driver

Photo Credits: Instagram @theoakridgeboys

Don’t try this at home, kids!

The other night, The Oak Ridge Boys were preparing to board their bus and head off to perform a show when faced with an unexpected occurrence. One of the Oaks, Joe Bonsall, had arrived at bus call early so he could watch the Nashville Predators play in Game 7 against the Winnipeg Jets. As he was watching the third period of the game, he felt the bus shake. It was then he realized their bus had been hit by another vehicle.

According to Bonsall, the weirdness of the evening began upon his arrival when he noticed an unfamiliar car parked in his designated spot. He explained to a Hendersonville, Tennessee news station:

I got to the bus first, and I saw someone in my parking spot. And I thought that was a little weird, but I didn’t think anything else about it and I got on the bus, put down my bags, turned on the hockey game [and] was watching the third. All of a sudden, the whole bus just shook like like something had hit it.

Bonsall stepped off the bus to see what had happened when he noticed the car drive away. Instead of submitting to the situation and calling the police to handle the matter, Bonsall went into superman mode and chased the vehicle. Somehow the seventy-year-old country star caught up to the driver and called her out on the incident.

I said, “hey man you hit our bus,” and it was a girl driving and she said, “No, I didn’t. I hit a curb. And I said, “No, you hit our bus…come on around with me to get information”…then they squealed out of the lot.

There are no reported injuries and there is limited damage to the bus, with Bonsall citing only front-end visible evidence that anything occurred. So, luckily for the Oaks and their fans, the group was able to finish loading and move forward with their weekend tour plans.

We are incredibly glad to hear that Bonsall was not hurt during his pursuit. However, if you are involved in a similar accident, the Hendersonville Police Department recommends not attempting to approach the other driver and leaving law enforcement to the professionals.

Watch the footage of the Oak Ridge Boys’ bus being hit by a vehicle here: