Check out Miranda Lambert’s New Break-Up Song ‘This is How It Ends’

it’s a duet with Steve Earle!

break up song mirandaPhoto Credits: Instagram @mirandalambert

Country superstar Miranda Lambert and the legendary Steve Earle have teamed up for a melancholy break-up song.

The pair not only sing the entire things in tandem, they also co-wrote the tune. It is featured on Earle’s latest record, So You Wannabe an Outlaw, which dropped Friday, June 16.

The singers are no strangers to break-ups and heart ache. Lambert divorced from Blake Shelton two years ago (has it really been that long?), and as for Earle, well, the artist has been around the wedding altar 7 times (to 6 different women, he married one of them twice.) So, you could say, between them, they have some experience in the subject matter.

Check out the song

“This is Where It Ends”

Turn around and look at how far we’ve come
from two hearts beating like a single drum
Said you’d never lie
I promised I’d never run
Forever wasn’t just another word back then
We swore we’d see together ever after thick and thin
Now this is how it ends

Guess I should’ve seen it coming from the start
Comes to you the fallin’ is the easy part
Everybody told me you were only gonna break my heart
Knew where I was only rollin back again
Thought I finally found myself a lover and a friend
Now this is how it ends.

This is how it ends
If you’d only told me back then,
You wouldn’t find me in the shape I’m in,
Just another fool who trusted in
A fairy tale that tella about a love so strong
Flowing like a river rollin’ on and on

Come around the bend,
Then I looked around and you were gone.

Never saw it comin’
But you can’t ‘pretend that
That limits ain’t a secret
A lie ain’t razor thin
And this is where it ends

This is how it ends
Hand-me-down dress on a wasted date
Ring in the pocket in a vest of gray.
That’s the way a cheating song begins
This is how it ends

Miranda Lambert once covered a Steve Earle tune at Austin City Limits, calling him one of her favorite artists.

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What’s your favorite break up song?