Martina McBride Opens Up About Her Health Habits

Martina McBride shares her healthy life habits

You may not know this, but Martina McBride is super committed to taking care of her health. She’s been a proponent of healthy eating and an active lifestyle for a while now, and she even managed to teach her husband and family some healthier eating habits, too!

McBride recently shared her healthy habits with the rest of the world too, in a piece she wrote in partnership with the Women’s Heart Alliance. From planning meals to getting in plenty of exercise, this mom, wife, and country star has healthy living down to a routine. 

“We all are busy, but we must remember to focus on taking care of ourselves,” Martina McBride shared on the Women’s Heart Alliance website, “For me, it’s important to set a positive example for my three daughters.” McBride sets that positive example through taking care of not only her body, but also her heart and mind.

“A 30-minute walk, preparing a healthy lunch or breakfast, meditating, yoga—there are so many ways you can take care of yourself and relieve stress, which is important for heart health,” she said in the piece, which also points out that women are more likely to pass away from a heart attack than men because of a lack of self-care. McBride also emphasized that sometimes self-care is just a small moment or a seemingly insignificant action, like keeping healthy snacks close by in your home.

Martina McBride encourages other women to consider implementing new habits such as meal prepping in advance or making time to get outside in order to stay in good health. She wouldn’t be saying all of this if she hadn’t personally reaped the benefits, though, and these lifestyle changes have impacted her family in a positive way. “Staying healthy is important for me, and for my family,” she said.

Read the full article on the Women’s Heart Alliance website here.

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