Lindsay Ell Releases Her Take on John Mayer’s “Continuum”

Photo Credits: Instagram @lindsayell

When Lindsay Ell sat down with Sugarland‘s Kristian Bush to discuss the creation of her full-length album The Project, Bush, who produced the offering, gave her a unique homework assignment. The masterful musician asked Ell about her favorite album, which is John Mayer‘s Continuum, and then told her to go home and record it.

Ell hit the ground running and learned every song on the Mayer project … in all capacities. Ell studied the tracks, learned the parts each instrument played in the creation of Continuum, and dreamed up her own music, realizing what she wanted to do with her personal work. At the same time, Ell was fulfilling her homework assignment by systematically recording all the music and lyrics of Mayer’s album, playing every instrument herself.

The result of Ell’s homework assignment was too good not to share with the public, so once she and Bush completed her own album, they set their sights a little further and planned the eventual release of her study tool. On Friday, May 25, 2018, Ell’s rendition of Mayer’s album was pushed out to the world, using a combination of their individual record titles as her own: The Continuum Project.

The unique project and interpretation of Ell’s favorite album has received acclaim from media and fans, continuing to make Ell one of the most talked about female country artists these days. And rightfully so.

To support the release of The Continuum Project, Ell is already teasing a music video, sharing that fans can expect to see a premiere tomorrow, Monday, May 28. This comes on the heels of Ell’s first chart-topping hit (in her home country of Canada), “Criminal.”

Check out Lindsay Ell’s Continuum by clicking here and stay tuned for her forthcoming music video!