What Full-Length Album Did Lindsay Ell Recreate?

She will release the album later this year

Photo Credits: Instagram @lindsayell

If you are tuned into today’s country music, you have heard the name Lindsay Ell all over the place lately. And rightfully so. Ell has paid her dues, worked hard for years, and is finally getting the recognition she deserves.

The album that is causing Ell’s name to be on the lips of country music executives, industry leaders, and fans alike is her 2017 release, The Project. The producer on the album is none other than one-half of Sugarland; the multi-talented Kristian Bush.

According to Ell’s recent interview with ET, Bush gave her a unique homework assignment before she began working on her album; one that perhaps didn’t make sense in the moment, but became an extremely valuable lesson for the singer, songwriter, and musician. Ell shared with ET that Bush asked her what her all-time favorite record is.

I was like, “Well, Kristian, that would be ‘Continuum’ by John Mayer, I listen to it all the time.” He was like, “Perfect. I want you to go record the whole thing.” I was like, “What?” He said, “Yeah, only rules are you need to play all the instruments, you need to do it by yourself in your studio at the label and you have two weeks. Go.”

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When that time period was up and Continuum was recorded by Ell, she realized she was able to dig deeper into her idol’s guitar playing than she ever had before. She also learned a lot about herself, her abilities, and her own musical preferences. These lessons were taken into the writing room with her when she crafted her own masterpiece.

Now, while Ell enjoys the success of her first album, one that was honored by Billboard as the Best Country Album of 2017, she is planning to give fans a bit more “new music.” She shared with ET that the version of Mayer’s Continuum that she recorded for Bush will be released later this year.

Are you as excited as us to hear Lindsay Ell’s take on John Mayer’s “Continuum”?!