Lindsay Ell Makes Canadian History with “Criminal”

Photo Credits: Instagram @lindsayell

Canada born and raised Lindsay Ell might be an American citizen now, but her home country has certainly rallied behind her and her career. The Stoney Creek Records singer, songwriter, and musician from Calgary, Alberta is celebrating a huge accomplishment this morning, even making history in her native land for this decade.

Ell shared on social media earlier today that her current single, “Criminal,” is the No. 1 song on Canadian country music radio. This marks the first time since 2008 that a solo female has earned that spot on the country’s genre-specific chart.

Ell, along with Fred Wilhelm and Chris Stevens, wrote the track, which was produced by Sugarland’s Kristian Bush. The song was included on Ell’s first full-length album, The Project, which was named one of Billboard‘s top country albums of 2017.

Following its rise to No. 1, Ell released the music video, sharing an exclusive look at it with ET. Today, the video is also available on YouTube.

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We aren’t sure that today can get any better for Lindsay Ell, but we are also certain that this kind of positivity-filled morning is completely deserved for the hard-working, extraordinarily talented performer.

Watch Lindsay Ell’s new “Criminal” music video above and join us in congratulating her on her first ever No. 1 hit song.

Criminal lyrics:

[Verse 1]
I don’t wanna close my eyes
Why pretend I’m going to sleep
When I know damn well I’m gonna keep lying here wide awake?
Waiting for the breath you take, to come back
I can’t relax, I’m a tiger pacing in my cage
Cocked like a twelve gauge
Feeling like a teenage crush
You’re the habit that I can never get enough of

Boy, what you do to me is criminal
Baby when I look in those eyes
I feel like going through stop lights
Looking at the cops like, I got nothing to lose
Yeah boy, you got me burning like a match stick
Take me to the edge and one step past it
It ain’t right, it ain’t typical
Oh, what you do to me is criminal

[Verse 2]
I, have the right to remain silent
But there ain’t no way that I can
‘Cause I’m wired like a ticking time bomb
It’s so wrong, but it feels right
Tonight you repeating like an echo
Baby I can’t let go, got me going klepto like a thief
Yeah I’d steal, just to keep on feeling what I feel