Latin Country Artist Sammy Arriaga Reveals ‘Meet In the Middle’

Sammy Arriaga brings a little something extra to the country music table. The Miami native has one of those voices you have to hear to believe. It’s so smooth and different, while also very country.

The rising star shares, “I consider my sound to be a fusion of Latin Rhythms marrying traditional country instruments. With lyrics that people from big cities and small towns from all over can relate to.”

The singer just dropped his new project, Meet In the Middle, so you can hear for yourselves.

“I’m excited that everyone has a chance to listen to Meet In The Middle. It’s something I’ve been working on for 7 years. It definitely took that long to write the songs as well.”

The artist tells CountryCommon that his influences are Kenny Chesney, Keith Urban, John Mayer and Zac Brown, and you can hear those textures when you listen to his music. Which a lot of people must’ve done, because Meet In The Middle hit #19 on iTunes country charts on it’s first day.

It may be track 4 on the record that does the perfect job of explaining how Arriaga’s Cuban heritage and his country music career collide. It’s called “Banjos and Bongos,” The title of the EP comes from a lyric in the fun love song. The album is available here.

Verse 1: Baby you’re a string of Christmas lights,/ On an old front porch in July,/ I’m a beachball trying to bounce your way,/ Whatcha say?/ We find a spot we could let our heartstrings ring,/ It’s a yin-yang kinda thing,/ Let’s mix it up, & meet in the middle…

Chorus: You bring the banjo, I’ll bring the bongos,/ You wear your boots, I’ll wear the sandals,/ I’ll bring the rum, You bring the sweet tea,/ Sounds cool to me,/ You be the y’all, I’ll be the hola,/ I’ll be the lime in your Coca Cola,/ Can’t wait to see where the song goes,/ You bring the banjo, I’ll bring the bongos!

Verse 2: Can’t wait till my south of the border,/ Meets a real Southern daughter,/ We’ll sing a Dixie lullaby with a lil’ spice,/ Your blue jean magic, my passion,/ We’ll be gone with the wind & dancing,/ Babe we’re gonna be, / A hard act to follow…

Alt Chorus: You bring the banjo, I’ll bring the bongos,/ I’ll put the palm tree right on your dirt road,/ You be Shania, I’ll be Enrique,/ (It’s cool girl)/ I’ll bring the heat, you bring the cool breeze,/ You be Kentucky, I’ll be Miami,/ Can’t wait to see where the song goes,/

Arriaga is signed to Sony Music/Latium Entertainment.

His “Cold in Miami” met critical acclaim and radio play. Take a peek here.

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