Kelsea Ballerini and Morgan Evans’ Big Day Is Drawing Near

Photo Credits: Instagram @kelseaballerini

Kelsea Ballerini is “unapologetically” in love with Morgan Evans, and the two lovebirds are getting closer and closer to the day that she walks down the aisle and they say “I do.”

What we know so far is that Ballerini has said “yes” to the dress, has been whisked away by her closest friends for her bachelorette party, and is counting the days until she becomes Mrs. Evans. What we don’t know is the date of the nuptials, the location of the ceremony, or how much of a “who’s who” the guest list looks like.

According to Ballerini’s recent interview with PEOPLE, the young couple that got engaged on Christmas is “ready to go.” However, before they can officially become man and wife, they each have a little work to do. Ballerini is nearing the release of her sophomore album, Unapologetically, while Evans is poised to release his single “Kiss Somebody.”

Ballerini shared with PEOPLE:

We’re getting close. He has as single to put out. I have an album to put out beforehand, so we’re both very busy, but I think we’re pretty much done. I have the dress. We have the place. We have the plane ticket. We’re ready to go. . . . The dress was the easy part. Everything has been easy. I get to marry him.

The three-time No. 1 singer-songwriter has been busy promoting her new album and current single, “Legends,” all the while unapologetically gushing about her somewhat whirlwind romance with Evans. One thing is for sure, she has found somebody to love her like he means it, and his time to kiss somebody in front of their friends and family is just around the corner.

Listen to Kelsea Ballerini’s title track from her sophomore album, “Unapologetically,” below and keep your eyes on CountryCommon for all updates related to their music and marriage.

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