Kelsea Ballerini’s New Music Video Is Too Cute for Words

Just when you thought four time No. 1 singer and songwriter Kelsea Ballerini couldn’t get more legendary, she drops this golden nugget of a single and follows it up with a music video you can’t help but watch on repeat from beginning to end.

Ballerini’s new single, “I Hate Love Songs,” is possibly her most clever to date — and that is a tall order for someone who has songs like “Stilettos,” “XO,” and “Music” in her repertoire. That same someone recently fell in love and got married, yet somehow pulled off this masterpiece about loving love, but hating the cliche nonsense that goes along with it.

In the song, written by Ballerini with Shane McAnally and Trevor Rosen, the legend walks through every annoyingly saccharine expression of love one could fathom, explaining how much she loathes each. In the bridge, she scandalously admits that she would “rather just show you tonight” when it comes to how much she loves a certain someone.

The music video shows a very casual and cute Ballerini, walking scene to scene and basically raining on everybody’s “romantic” parades. With subtle eye rolls or hair flips, the newlywed poo poos on lame attempts at proving love, yet does so playfully and adorably, perfectly matching the delivery of the song’s lyrics.

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Ballerini’s “I Hate Love Songs” can be found on her sophomore album, Unapologetically. So far the album has garnered one No. 1 and gold single, its lead release, “Legends.” It follows her debut, The First Time, which earned her three No. 1s, one No. 2, a gold album certification by the RIAA, as well as three platinum singles and one gold single.

Watch Kelsea Ballerini’s new music video for “I Hate Love Songs” above!