Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman Say Thanks

and she keeps kissing him

keith urbanPhoto Credits: Instagram @keithurban

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman have to be one of the cutest couples… ever. (To be fair, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have been heating up the airwaves and tv screens all over the place in preparation for their new album release.)

But really, it has been nothing but beautiful to watch the way Keith and Nicole have been supporting each other, and loving each other as they both continue to excel in their careers.

There are photos and videos of the superstars by each other’s sides at red carpet events from coast to coast. They messages online are posts are dripping with sticky sweetness.

And now we get to see them celebrating together after the AMAs. Nic can’t quit kissing her man and thanking fans as they talk about the fans and the big night.

Thank you!!! • #AMAs

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The singer won Favorite Country Album for Ripcord, Favorite Country Male Artist and Favorite Country Song for “Blue Ain’t Your Color.”

Urban has been very open about his wife’s participation in his albums. She works with him picking the songs and choosing singles.

The collaboration of the married couple went to a whole new level when she sang back ground vocals on his latest single, “Female.”

Have you heard the Song of the Year? Would this be your choice?

“Blue Ain’t Your Color”

Verse 1:
I can see you over there
Starring at your drink
Watchin’ that ice sink
All alone tonight
And chances are
You’re sittin’ here in this bar
‘Cause he ain’t gonna treat you right

Well, it’s probably not my place
But I’m gonna say it anyway
‘Cause you look like
You haven’t felt the fire
Had a little fun
Hadn’t had a smile in a little while

Blue looks good on the sky
Looks good on that neon buzzin’ on the wall
But darling, it don’t match your eyes
I’m tellin’ you
You don’t need that guy
It’s so black and white
He’s stealin’ your thunder
Baby, blue ain’t your color