Listen to Keith Urban’s ‘Female’ that Went Straight to Number One

It might surprise you.

female singlePhoto Credits: Instagram @nicatnitemusic

Country supertsar Keith Urban played his new single, “Female,” at the 51st Annual CMA Awards Wednesday, Nov. 8, to a captivated crowd.

The song is about respecting women, and was inspired by the recent sexual assault and harassment allegations that started with Harvey Weinstein, and extended to Kirt Webster in Nashville.

The song has gone straight to the top and hit Number One on iTunes in all genres.

“Female,” was written by hitmakers Shane McAnally, Nicolle Galyon and Ross Copperman. Urban reportedly heard it the day after it was written and it was “instant love.”

The song clearly connected to the husband to Nicole Kidman and father of two. Urban has consistently pushed the envelope throughout his career, and the choice to release “Female,” is no exception.

Nicole Kidman and Nicole Gallyon delivered BGV’s for the inspiring track.

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Verse 1:
When you hear somebody say somebody hits like a girl
How does that hit you?
Is that such a bad thing?
When you hear a song that they play saying you run the world
Do you believe it?
Will you live to see it?

Sister, shoulder, daughter, lover
Healer, broken halo, mother
Nature, fire, suit of armor
Soul survivor, holy water
Secret keeper, fortune teller
Virgin Mary, scarlet letter
Technicolor, river wild
Baby girl, woman child

Verse 2:
When somebody laughs and implies that she asked for it
Just ’cause she was wearin’ a skirt
Oh, is that how that works?
When somebody talks about how it was Adam first
Does that make Eve second best
Or did He save the best for last?

She’s the heart of life
She’s the dreamer’s dream
She’s the hands of time
She’s the queen of kings

What do you think of this response to the sexual assault allegations that have been brought to light of late?