Jason Aldean and Brittany Aldean Have a Fun Airport Encounter…

Photo Credits: Instagram @jasonaldean

Jason Aldean and his wife Brittany spent the weekend away from Nashville to enjoy a little adult time. According to Aldean’s Instagram, the new parents of infant son Memphis attended a wedding; but the caption of the photo didn’t say exactly where they were.

Before their weekend came to an end, a certain someone crashed their private party when she ran into them in the Orlando International Airport. And, no, it wasn’t a crazy fan making a scene…it was a fellow country music artist exchanging hugs and pleasantries, while also asking the two to star in her latest goofy social media video.

As Jo Dee Messina approached members of her team to wait for their upcoming flight, Aldean recognized her, said her name, and stood up to give her a hug. As the three public figures discussed why they were in Orlando and shared their weekend adventures, Messina decided to invite them to co-star in a fun and filtered video that she would record in her new favorite app: Snapchat.

Without hesitation, the Aldeans said they would love to and the three created their plan. The result of the hilarious and unexpected airport encounter was posted on Messina’s Instagram and brought endless laughter to fans of both acts.

See, y’all. You never know who you will run into and where you will run into them. Surely artists expect to occasionally see one another at BNA when they are coming to or going from Nashville, but to randomly bump into a peer in another city when they didn’t play a show together? You couldn’t possibly see that coming!

It looks like Jo Dee Messina was the one who got a lesson in leavin’ this time…a lesson in leavin’ her house or hotel room after just rolling right out of bed!