Jessie James Decker and Husband Eric Decker Are In Nashville to Stay

Photo Credits: Instagram @jessiejamesdecker

A couple of weeks ago Jessie James Decker and her husband, NFL wide receiver Eric Decker, announced that he was cut from the New York Jets. As a Miami Dolphins fan and lover of all things Decker, it brought me great joy to no longer have to see Decker in Jets green, but I also understood the questions and concern that set in for the family of four.

With Jessie James Decker being a country music singer-songwriter, the pair has a home here in Nashville, Tennessee, but they were also maintaining one in whatever city Eric’s team was located. Obviously, the most convenient option would be to stick the number “87” on the back of a Tennessee Titans jersey and keep the whole Decker crew in one place and under one roof. However, the NFL doesn’t take convenience into consideration.

Or does it?

Last night, Eric announced that he would be joining the Nashville-based team for the 2017 season, hoping to follow in the footsteps of the city’s NHL history-making team, the Predators.

What does this mean for country music fans? Well, other than seeing the incredibly hunky Eric in our colors and uniform, it means Jessie can truly settle in, be in the heart of the town where her career is set, and continue to pump out and perform music for her adoring fans. I certainly call this a win-win.

Jessie recently released her new highly anticipated EP, Gold, as well as a surprise “Blackbird Sessions” EP. Her legion of fans rejoiced at the music she pushed out, not only downloading it until she soared to No. 1 on the iTunes chart, but jam packing her CMA Fest shows in Nashville.

Decker fans, it’s time to whip off your flannel Jessie-inspired shirts and pull a Titans jersey over your heads. There are now two Deckers in town, and we hope this one-year contract with the talented Eric and the Titans is renewed for eternity.