How Did Jason Aldean and His Wife Choose a Baby Name?

Jason AldeanPhoto Credits: Instagram @jasonaldean

Country star Jason Aldean and his wife, Brittany, will welcome a new baby into their lives in just a few short months! A few weeks ago, the couple revealed what they would name their baby, and they shared a photo of his nursery. In a radio interview earlier this week, Aldean finally shared the story behind the name– Memphis— that they chose for their son.

On radio show Country Countdown USA, Jason Aldean said, “I’ve kinda been infatuated with Elvis since I was a kid, just always watching documentaries and stuff on him.” He explained that the name choice was inspired by his love for Elvis, but he also had another reason for choosing a unique name. “Honestly, I just wanted him to have something that wasn’t very common. I’m sure he’s gonna meet people with the name Memphis—he won’t be the only one, but, you know, at least I think it’s unique enough where  . . . it won’t be like Michael or John or, you know, Jason. And that was kinda what we were going for,” he shared. Hey, it seems like the name “Jason” has served this daddy-to-be just fine for all these years!

The country singer revealed that his son will have the same middle name as he does– Aldine. “I want to carry that name on. It was my grandfather’s name. So it’s kind of a family name. So that’s what we’re going with,” he said.

We can’t wait to “meet” baby Memphis when he arrives later this year! Listen to Jason Aldean sing “They Don’t Know” below.

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