Jana Kramer Announces New Single “I’ve Done Love”

Photo Credits: Instagram @kramergirl

Following Jana Kramer‘s split from her record label, Warner Music Nashville, and a move away from Music City and out to Los Angeles, California, rumors swirled that Kramer was perhaps done with music. Despite adamantly and blatantly stating that she would continue to sing, record, and perform, her Nashville exit left people wondering if she was leaving music behind indefinitely to return to her first job in entertainment: acting.

Luckily, when you are Kramer and you are multi-talented and love to stay busy, you can do it all. Yesterday, Kramer laid all the rumors to rest about her music career coming to an end when she posted a big announcement on Facebook. After teasing the forthcoming news during the week, Kramer shared with fans and followers that she is releasing a new single, “I’ve Done Love,” next Friday, August 18.

Not giving away too much information just yet, Kramer dropped the mic after stating the title and date of the release. So, we are left to wonder where this single came from, what direction her music may be heading now that the red tape has been ripped off, and what message she will be sending with the song.

Jana Kramer- I've Done Love Announcement

The news is out! My new single #IveDoneLove will be released everywhere next Friday!

Nai-post ni Jana Kramer noong Biyernes, Agosto 11, 2017


Kramer’s last release, a single off her Thirty One album, “Circles,” was her fourth off the project. Unfortunately, “Circles” was never quite given room to run its course, narrowly breaking into the Top 50. Kramer relied on “Circles” and “Said No One Ever” as followup songs to her hit, “I’ve Got the Boy,” which was also a track on Thirty One.

Now, with Kramer potentially working independently (at this point), fans are chomping at the bit to hear what her music will sound like and what it will express, especially after very publicly known changes in her personal life.

“I’ve Done Love” will be available Friday, August 18. Let us know what you think when you pick up your copy!