Jana Kramer’s Husband Opens Up About Working on Marriage

Photo Credits: Instagram @kramergirl

Jana Kramer and Michael Caussin were married in 2015 and welcomed daughter Jolie in 2016. Soon thereafter, what appeared to be a picture perfect marriage hit a rough spot that few could work through. However, Kramer and Caussin joined hands and decided to face their problems head on for the sake of their family, no matter what it took to help them rebuild the trust that was broken.

Today, Kramer and Caussin discussed their marriage on iHeartRadio‘s Whine Down with Jana Kramer, opening up to listeners about the ongoing healing process that comes with an unfaithful partnership.

Caussin, who publicly admitted to having a sex addiction and cheating on his singer-songwriter-actress wife, shared on the podcast that, just like Kramer, he had a breaking point when it came to the issues the couple faced.

She said, “Look, I’m giving you every opportunity. I am here. I am willing to work on this. I want this family to work.” Basically, step up or get out. And it got to a point of an ultimatum and that’s where I hit my breaking point. She hit her breaking point. I hit mine. . . . The thing is until someone wants to change themselves, there’s no amount of therapy, no amount of talking you can do about it until you make that decision for yourself.

Though the two have attempted marriage counseling via retreat and renewed their vows in December, the road to recovery for their relationship isn’t easy. Kramer explained that she can’t help but be triggered by other stories of infidelity, occasionally reminding Caussin of his behavior. To prevent herself from having regular outbursts of the sort, she is working to stay positive and focus on the present — such as asking herself what he is doing today that is helping them grow together.

The topic they are broaching is very real and reminds Kramer of her hurt, but she explained to PEOPLE that she intends to use her pain to help others.

My whole life has been an open book and it’s one of those things where it’s like, this is the life that I’ve chosen and everything is public, especially the relationship. So I might as well help people through their journeys.