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Sandra Lynn was not born or raised in the south, but make no mistake that this artist can go “bar hoppin’” through Nashville as if she never called any other place home. Hailing from Chino, California, Lynn was solely a California girl until she realized it was time to divide her time in pursuit of a dream. To that end, Lynn and her husband, whom she met in Los Angeles during college, spend three-fourths of their time in Nashville, Tennessee where she has been making music.

Growing up, Lynn was always poetic and lyrical, but it wasn’t until after college that she began collaborating with others and putting her words to music. Luckily for Lynn, she has been able to tap into the songwriting circles in both Los Angeles and Nashville, which has allowed her to infuse her upbringing with the direction her heart has taken her since her school days.

The latest song to come from Lynn’s collaborative efforts is aptly titled “Hey California.” Impressively, some of the people with whom she worked with to create the song have their names stamped all over Music City, have won numerous awards, and can be heard daily on country music radio.

I co-wrote my current single, “Hey California” with producer and songwriter, Dave Brainard, and you’ll be able to hear songs on my new upcoming record that I co-wrote with hit songwriters such as Tia Sillers, Victoria Banks, and Paul Brandt as well as rising young songwriters, Bobby Hamrick and Jake Scott.

In creating her music, Lynn is inspired by being a woman and the moments she shares with those around her. By tapping into her own experiences, she hopes to resonate with women of all ages and give them a soundtrack to their lives, similar to the ones she had growing up.

Some of the more up-tempo songs on the record, such as “Hey California,” I feel like have a more playful vibe to them that I hope might speak to women of all ages, but there are also songs on this record that go a bit deeper and really hit those moments us girlfriends like to talk about behind closed doors—those vulnerable, divulging moments we like to dish on with our girls and get real about. I feel like that’s what the female artists that I have always looked up to did with their music, and what I strive to do with my own music.

With the desire to reach out and touch people who can relate to her words, Lynn’s dream is to open for one of the female artists who influenced her in her pursuit to make music. Those artists include Faith Hill, Trisha Yearwood, and the artist who put Lynn’s wheels in motion, Deana Carter. And, true to her past and present, if she could play both Bridgestone Arena in Nashville and Angel Stadium in Anaheim, California, Lynn could check off two bucket list items.

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For now, Lynn is focused on sharing her message and drawing fans who her songs speak to, which was the intent that went into her forthcoming record — one that is sure to become a fast country music fan favorite.

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