Featured Artist – Ryan Griffin

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For Ryan Griffin, there was never a plan B. It was clear before Griffin could even talk that he was a natural born singer. As a child, he would sit between his two older brothers in the backseat of his mom’s station wagon and sing at the top of his lungs.

Specifically, Griffin was a big fan of the country music genre. Even as that young child, he was musically wise and was able to relate with and identify that which was beneath the lyrics.

I loved the stories George Strait would tell in a song and the way you could hear heartbreak in every word Vince Gill sang. I always knew country music was different.

He began to perform country music around town, playing at 4-H Club events. These fairs, which are perfect venues for an aspiring country singer, were places Griffin called home until he moved away for college.

It was his attraction to country music that led him to Nashville, Tennessee for school. While in college, Griffin began to dabble in songwriting when he realized how important being a writer was to a career in Music City. Not only does being a songwriter open doors to relationships with others in this town, it also helps an artist really hone in on who he/she is. So, Griffin channeled his personal experiences, put pen to paper, and focused on honing a new skill.

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Oh, and by “honing,” we mean he earned his first No. 1 as a co-writer on Kelsea Ballerini‘s “Dibs,” but that isn’t the only place you can find Griffin’s very apparent abilities. His talents are also exemplified in his song “Would Have Left Me Too.” He called the release of that song as something he was nervous to share, but it served as a form of therapy.

Releasing “Would Have Left Me Too” – it’s a song that is so deeply personal to me I was nervous to share it with the world. But now that it’s out there in a way it’s been therapeutic. Sometimes the best way to move on and learn from your mistakes is not allowing them the power to hold you down any longer.

Now, with the song released, the nerves behind him, and an open road in front of him, Griffin is ready to take the stage, perform for his fans, and give them everything he has. However, there is one thing he must do before the show can go on.

We always say a group prayer and thank God for the opportunity to do what we love.

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