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Avid country music fans have probably been hearing the name Mary Sarah for years. Though she is only in her early twenties, Mary Sarah has been impacting the genre for more than half of her life. Whether she was representing as a southern girl on a Kidz Bop tour or collaborating with some of the greatest names in country music history, this artist has always shined like the star she has become today.

What has always been said about Mary Sarah from the inception of her career is that she is an old soul. Even from a young age, she never sounded like the other kids or the new artists. Instead, there was something in her that was more reminiscent of the traditional and classic country artists who paved the way for future generations.

Mary Sarah explained to CountryCommon how she developed her unique sound.

I have always loved country music and was introduced to classic country at around the age of 9-10 years old. It’s pretty much a part of me! . . . Patsy Cline is probably the biggest influence. Her sound and voice has always spoken to me and I’ve definitely taken a lot of different vocal techniques from her. I also would have to say Freddy Powers. He is/was my executive producer on my last album “Bridges.” He taught me so much about being a musician and really taking on a leadership roll in my team.

Speaking of that album, when it became time for Mary Sarah to consider releasing a full-length project, she and her team called on some of those influential greats to lend their vocals to tracks. With each of these legends seeing something special in the teenager, they agreed, one-by-one. Soon, Bridges was born and the album reads like a “who’s who” in country music. Included on the project are Dolly Parton, Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard, The Oak Ridge Boys, and Vince Gill — just to name a few.

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A few years later, Mary Sarah took all that she had learned and stood in front of America, vying for a shot to make it on to a team on NBC‘s The Voice. She received the first four-chair turnaround of the season and chose to join Team Blake Shelton. Making it all the way to semi-finals, Mary Sarah gained more exposure than she had ever dreamed, and when she exited the stage, her career soared.

I thoroughly enjoyed that experience and would recommend it to anyone who thinks they are ready for a show like that. I grew so much in my journey at “The Voice” and it has opened up so many opportunities that I am extremely grateful for!

One of those opportunities that her successful run on The Voice gave way to was making her Grand Ole Opry debut in Nashville, Tennessee. Though Mary Sarah grew up playing Texas Opry venues in her home state, she had always dreamed of the day she could sing from the iconic circle in the Country Music Capital of the World.

I have had the honor and privilege to play it about 5 times and every time I do, I just can’t shake the nerves/excitement! I don’t think it will ever go away when playing the Opry!

Most recently, Mary Sarah released a new single, “Without You,” a song that embodies her sound, which she describes as “country/jazz with a little rock ‘n’ roll.” With news outlets raving about the release, Mary Sarah continues to keep her head down and her chin up, while working toward super stardom. And make no mistake about it — this is definitely an unstoppable artist whose name we will see in lights!

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