Featured Artist Luke Caccetta

The country rocker has already played Cowboy Stadium and he’s got his eyes on another prize.

luke caccetta guitarPhoto Credits: Instagram @thelukecaccetta

Luke Caccetta was brought up a little bit country, and a little bit rock and roll. His father made sure he had a steady stream of Springsteen, Bryan Adams and other classic rock bands, while his Mama introduced him to Garth, Shania and Toby Keith.

He also credits others with influencing his musical taste, “Mix that all in with my discovery of Elvis Presley at the age of four and you got a really big melting pot of music for a kid to grow up with. I was really drawn to anything that really made me want to move. Anything that made me want to tap my foot, bang my head or start dancing. I still remember discovering artists throughout my life; like the moments where I first heard them. Like the first time I heard AC/DC or Eric Clapton or Waylon Jennings, it was like a new door had opened to a world I never new existed. I see roots as the places where you always turn to naturally. For me, it’s definitely rock and country. Hands down.”

Caccetta has been writing music for about 10 years. When he started, he didn’t set out to be a country artist.

“Writing my own music back in Virginia, I never really focused on a genre, I just wrote what couldn’t stay inside my heart. There were really two people in my life that kind of sparked the country thing. My Nanny (grandma) started telling me that I should sing ‘Country Western’; when I started learning the guitar. There was also a girl in my class that looked at me one day and said, ‘You know, I think you’d make a great country singer.’ Which was odd to me at the time.

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“But the more research I did and the more music I listened to, I saw where they were coming from. So I began to immerse myself in the genre my junior year of high school. Moving to Nashville has helped me learn so much more about the genre as a whole. Country music is a very thought through and perfected craft. The musicianship is some of the best on Earth. It’s definitely made me a better songwriter and guitar player. I’m just very grateful that my songs have been able to resonate with the country audience. The country fans are some of the best in the world.”

He credits Bruce Springsteen and Elvis with inspiration, “Bruce taught me how to work a stage and a crowd and how to make an ordinary show larger than life, but it was Elvis that taught me how to sing. Any time that Elvis opened his mouth to sing it was just a voice coming out, it was his entire soul being released. He always left everything he had on the stage. I am not ashamed to say that I still cry when I watch his ’68 Comeback performance of ‘If I Can Dream’. He never takes one step. He stands in one spot and creates one of the best vocal performances of all time, in my opinion. No crazy Beyonce runs, no stratosphere high Chris Stapleton notes, just pure 120% raw talent and emotion and soul. I really could not have asked for two better mentors. I am determined to play with Bruce Springsteen on stage. Whether is be CMT Crossroads or at the Grammy’s, I don’t care. I couldn’t get Elvis but I’m definitely getting to sing with The Boss.”

The artist has already played Cowboys Stadium, but dreams of playing Madison Square Garden one day.

Pre-show prep includes a prayer. “Every time before a show. I am not responsible for the opportunities I am presented. I invest my talents and use them to the best of my capability. God is the one who gives me the chances to use those talents and the platforms to share them with whoever wants to listen. So a prayer of thanks and good fortune for the show ahead of us is what will always be done.”

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