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Photo Credits: Instagram @jessicalynnmusic

When you look at country pop singer-songwriter-musician Jessica Lynn, you will immediately classify her as exotically striking. However, behind the long, dark hair and 100 watt smile is a multi-talented artist who has made her name internationally known — all on her own.

Native New Yorker Lynn was born into a house that loves and appreciates music more than most. Throughout her upbringing, Lynn taught herself piano, guitar, and drums, and she also realized she had vocal ability that far surpassed other children her age.

In her early teens, Lynn formed her first band and performed around Manhattan. At sixteen, she wrote a song that led to her becoming a published writer under ASCAP. The track, “Your Favorite Stranger,” was inspired by those who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease. She later made her national television debut on her father’s PBS special, Cal – Forever and Beyond…Live In Concert, where she performed the touching and life-changing song.

It wasn’t long before Lynn was starring in her own PBS specials and taking the country by storm. For two years, Lynn and her band were seen on the small screen in homes all over the United States, and it was that exposure that led to her growing roots in Nashville, Tennessee. Lynn began to write with artists in Music City, learning more about what it took to make it big in the heart of country music. However, even with the knowledge she gained along the way, she never lost sight of who she is and the artist she wanted to become.

Perhaps one of the things that has helped her stay grounded is the group she surrounds herself with in her musical career. Her dad, Peter, who had that PBS special is her bassist; her mom, Victoria, is her background vocalist; and her lead guitarist is her husband, Steve. The other members of the Jessica Lynn Band are practically family, as well, and the entire camp fits together like a perfect puzzle.

Though Lynn has remained true to herself, she has also paid very close attention to what the world is wanting to hear from new artists. Embracing the media comparisons to worldwide sensation Shania Twain, Lynn honed in on a country pop sound that would be well-received on an international scale. She continues to tour Europe every summer, using her sincere and endearing personality to collect business cards and personal phone numbers along the way.

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Those genuine relationships she has built led to the production of her recent EP, Look At Me That Way; a project that was produced in Belgium. Lynn’s lead single off the EP, “Crazy Idea,” broke into the Top 50 on the Music Row chart, placing her in a unique class of independent artists to accomplish that feat.

Now, Lynn prepares to return overseas for another summer while she visits Nashville regularly to meet with songwriters and connect with those who understand her vision. One thing is for sure; crazy idea or not, Lynn, who happens to hold a Master’s Degree in Special Education from Pace University, has dedicated her life to a career in music, and if anyone is going to single-handedly make that dream come true, it’s this artist.

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