Featured Artist – Jenny Leigh

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Jenny Leigh can remember when she first fell in love with country music. It was the mid-nineties and a young artist named LeAnn Rimes had just taken the world by storm with her debut single, “Blue.” From that point on, Leigh was hooked.

It wasn’t just Rimes who inspired Leigh to start falling head over heels for the genre. It was a laundry list of female powerhouses who were exploding at the same time. With so many strong women influencing her to tap into her musicality, Leigh opened her mouth to belt the words to a song one day, and it was then she realized she had something special to share with the world.

I remember singing “Broken Wing” (Martina McBride) in a soccer mom van with my teammates and she stopped the car to see who was singing. I thought everyone could sing and it was one of those gifts of life that everyone shared. I still think that music is a gift that everyone shares, but it was more important to me than ever.

Broken Wing” might have opened her eyes to the gift she was granted, but the love for music was instilled in her throughout her entire life. Leigh grew up in a home that celebrated musical versatility, ranging from country to classic rock and covering everything in between. It was a childhood soundtrack akin to a mixtape that she tapped into when beginning to write her own music.

My sound is a mix of sassy and sweet. I like to create music with a backbone that drives and strong melodies that deliver live but still show a softer side at the right times.

Along with that combination of sassy and sweet comes a bit of nostalgia; a special quality that Leigh was striving to include when she wrote her new single, “Let It Just Happen.” Luckily, Leigh has been writing songs for over a decade, so knowing what she was trying to accomplish with the single, coupled with her finely tuned skills made for a perfect storm when it came to the creation process.

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Leigh explained that her approach to writing has changed over the years. In the past, she would enter a room, present an incomplete project to a teacher, and have him fill in the blanks with her. As she got older, she realized that singing was her greatest passion, and she focused on playing instruments to help bring her words to life. Now, having made the move from the northeast to Nashville, she is surrounded by others who have encouraged her to grow in her field.

I’ve been fortunate enough to write with very talented songwriters in Nashville in recent years who continue to push and motivate me to keep creating better and better music.

Leigh continues to welcome opportunities that encourage her to be a little bit better today than she was yesterday. Whether it is working toward a dream of playing along side some of her idols, including Little Big Town, Miranda Lambert, and Grace Potter, or an impromptu performance at Nashville’s The Station Inn, Leigh is ready to graciously experience whatever comes her way.

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