Featured Artist – Cort Carpenter

Photo Credits: Instagram @cortcarpenterofficial

Pacific NorthWesterner Cort Carpenter may have begun a career path toward athletics when he was growing up, but he was benched when he suffered an injury in a car accident. The incident was, of course, unfortunate for Carpenter, as he had his sights set on playing baseball even post-college, but lucky for him, he had a backup plan.

At around the age of twelve, Carpenter was introduced to and fell in love with country music. Having that passion in his back pocket took him from centerfield to center stage.

I began singing for fun in local bars and competitions, which then exploded and led to a full blown career. It’s funny how things happen and lead to other life events that you wouldn’t trade for the world.

Eventually, Carpenter moved to Nashville, Tennessee, the place he calls home and where he says he is “all in” now. Since moving to Nashville, Carpenter has established himself a solo artist who writes most of his own music. However, if he hears an outside song that speaks to him as if he wrote it himself, he is open to adopting it as his own.

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The result of writing his own music coupled with accepting songs from others has led to Carpenter creating what he refers to as a “modern west coast country voice.”

I don’t have a southern accent like so many country singers do, but I feel I give off a fresh country sound nobody else has. Even without the accent, I just as country as most as the Pacific Northwest is just as country as anywhere else. Country music is everywhere.

Sharing his unique voice has stirred up some record label interest, but Carpenter is still waiting for that big break. Thankfully, his fans and their reactions are enough, in Carpenter’s eyes, to generate a buzz and give him a legitimate shot.

We pack out venues all over the country, so we are doing well. It can be very difficult some days to keep a positive mental state, but I keep in mind that my time will come if I keep putting out great music and continue to impress crowds. My motto is “be so good they can’t ignore you any longer.”

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