Back in Session: Our Favorite Country Songs for Back-to-School

country songs for back-to-school

It’s the time of year where kids (and adults, too!) are trading in their shorts and sandals for books and binders. With the arrival of a new school year, nostalgia is mixed with feelings of excitement– we’ve got just the soundtrack for that emotional roller coaster. Here are our favorite country songs for back-to-school!

1. “Letter to Me” – Brad Paisley

Sometimes we look back on our young selves and wish we could share some wisdom with the 17-year-old of the past. This song is about exactly that, and Brad Paisley shares the struggles and highlights of his school days, from trying to pass algebra class to having a teacher who truly cared.

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2. “The Boys of Fall” – Kenny Chesney

In the South, high school football is less of a sport and more of a complete lifestyle. Kenny Chesney’s nostalgic tune “Boys of Fall” is one of our favorite country songs for back-to-school because it paints such a vivid picture of a hardworking high school football team and the community they’re at the center of.

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3. “Goodbye Town” – Lady Antebellum

Sometimes, high school sweethearts end up happily ever after. Sometimes, they don’t– and that’s what happens in this bittersweet Lady Antebellum song. The song makes us envision driving past the towns where we grew up, and reflecting on all the memories of school days gone by.

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4. “Fifteen” – Taylor Swift

This one hits hard for anyone with a parent of a new high school student. Much like Brad Paisley, Taylor Swift uses a song to tell her past self what she knows now, and it’s making us feel all kinds of nostalgia for those “first day of freshman year” butterflies.

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5. “You’re Gonna Miss This” – Trace Adkins

Oh, the ultimate theme song for savoring the present moment. It follows a young girl’s story, beginning with a morning heading to high school. Parents of children starting a new school year, soak in the first day, because one day you’ll miss these moments!

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6. “Check Yes or No” – George Strait

We need to end our list of country songs for back-to-school on a happy note, so how about a sweet love song? This George Strait tune is all about two people who met in the third grade and were smitten. In a lovely story, the two grow up and live a happy life together. You never know who you might meet on that first day of school!

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Which of these country songs for back-to-school is your favorite?