Eclipse Day 2017: Country Songs About the Moon

country songs about the moon: eclipse day 2017Photo Credits: Instagram @eclipse

Well, we’ve waited for this day for a long time– years, even decades! The solar eclipse is happening today, and what better way to celebrate than some appropriately-themed country music? To celebrate this historical event of the moon crossing into the path of the sun, here are some of our favorite country songs about the moon!

1. “Howlin’ at the Moon” – Hank Williams

Kicking off our eclipse day playlist is a love song from none other than Hank Williams. If you’ve ever fallen so hard for someone that you thought you were going crazy, this tune is for you!

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2. Hypnotize the Moon – Clay Walker

Sometimes we’re caught off guard by love sometimes. Watch out for a lover whose charm could “hypnotize the moon,” just like this song says.

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3. “The Moon, the Stars, and Me” – Dolly Parton

This is one of the sadder country songs about the moon, and reminisces on the broken promises of a lover. The moon, the stars, and a heartbroken woman were all victims of a lie in this sad tune from Dolly Parton.

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4. “To the Moon and Back” – Luke Bryan

In a stark contrast to the sad song in the number 3 slot, this one is a sweet love song that uses some solar metaphors. Luke Bryan sings about loving someone “to the moon and back,” through all the good times and the bad that life may bring.

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5. “Buicks to the Moon” – Alan Jackson

Another sweet love song, this might be our favorite of all the country songs about the moon. The images of “driving Buicks to the moon” makes us chuckle, and the lyrics describe the longest-lasting kind of love.

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6. “Rope the Moon” – John Michael Montgomery

When someone else believes in you, it can make all the difference in your life. This song could be about a daughter or a lover, and is a sweet reminder that someone out there believes we could “rope the moon” if we tried.

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