Church Choir Performs Jo Dee Messina’s “Bigger Than This”

Photo Credits: Instagram @jodeemessina

Platinum-selling, chart-topping country music artist Jo Dee Messina has shifted her path over the last several years, creating whatever music moves her at any given stage in her life. Yes, the singer-songwriter who amassed nine No. 1 hits in her career is known for her sassy, spitfire tunes in the country space, but there is a lot more to this dynamo than we might have realized earlier in her career.

Since becoming an independent artist who can call all the shots when it comes to her music, Messina has shared more of her personal life by way of song than she ever did before. Whether she was inspired by pop-rock band Evanescence or Christian artist Steffany Gretzinger, Messina has poured her soul into her self-penned tunes.

Her most recent, “Bigger Than This,” comes in the form of a massive faith-based track that calls on the assistance of an array of instruments and a full choir to supplement the powerful and emotional vocals that only Messina can provide. The song was born on a day when Messina was facing multiple struggles (health, personal, and financial), but decided to step away from the harsh realities and refocus her sights on our Father. She prayed about her current situations and recognized that the love she felt from God was bigger than any obstacle that could possibly be put in her way. In those moments, the talented singer, songwriter, and musician put pen to paper and created absolute magic.

Since releasing her innermost thoughts and feelings to the public, with help from producers Seth Mosley and X O’Connor, an outpouring of love and support has come in from those who have been blessed to hear the song. Among those who have shown their appreciation of the one-of-a-kind song is Shadow Mountain Community Church in California. The pastor was introduced to Messina’s song when she performed it on Huckabee and was immediately drawn to its enormous ability to impact his congregation. As such, the choir at Shadow Mountain learned and performed the track.

Over the weekend, Messina received a message from someone who shared the link to the performance. In response, she headed to her social media to express her gratitude to the church.

Someone shared this with me this morning and, I have to say, it made me cry. To think that a song I wrote is being sung in churches, declaring our Father’s love for us, moves my soul.

I would consider THIS to be my greatest accomplishment!!! Spreading God’s Word. He loves all of us more than we will ever be able to humanly comprehend.

Shadow Mountain Community Church did such a great job. It would be an honor to one day sing this with them.

Watch Shadow Mountain Community Church perform Jo Dee Messina’s “Bigger Than This” below and download her version today on iTunes.

Bigger Than This

Pastor Jeremiah loves Jo Dee Messina's new song "Bigger Than This," so our Shadow Mountain musicians put together a version for Sunday morning worship! If you're struggling with something big, be sure to give this a listen and take it to heart. Your God is bigger than this!Join us this weekend for another inspiring message, "Knowing a Powerful God." Sat 5pm | Sun 9:00 & 10:45am |

Posted by Shadow Mountain Online on Monday, May 21, 2018