Chris Young Delivers Heartfelt Message Following Vegas Tragedy

it’s not the first time

chris youngPhoto Credits: Instagram @chrisyoungmusic

Country singer Chris Young, who already donated significant help to Hurricane victims, shows his giant heart again with a heartfelt message about his next steps.

Young’s message gives a vulnerable insight into the struggle that an artist goes through when determining what to do in the wake of national tragedy.

Reporting from his tour bus, the Nashville Star said, “People lost their lives people were injured, and I’m so heartbroken over that. Thoughts are with those families and everyone’s that having to go through that, deal with that. That should never happen at a concert.

“I hugged my family and talked about what i was going to do this week as far as this show that I’m going to play tonight.

“But, I’m a musician, Music can heal. So I’m hoping that this is a night of trying to do that for a lot of people that are here.

“Thank you to all the first responders, fire fighters, police officers and everybody that was just helping people that they don’t even know.

The “Lonely Eyes” singer also posted, “Vegas was the scariest night of my life, but hopefully music can help heal…””?taken-by=chrisyoungmusic

The new gentle giant (he’s taller than your average country singer) has shown his tender heart not long ago with the Hurricane devastation, posting “As everyone knows, Texas was hit Friday by Hurricane Harvey which made landfall as a category four hurricane, the largest storm to hit the area in decades.

“Port Aransas, Rockport, Corpus Christi, Houston and so many other places are going to be dealing with so much damage and loss of life for a long time to come. I’m worried about the people there — my friends, family and neighbors — and I want to help. I’m starting this GoFundMe campaign in an effort to help everyone in Texas that has been affected by this hurricane.

“I’m pledging $100,000 to relief efforts and hope you will join me.”

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