Cassadee Pope Meets Neal McCoy for the First Time and What He Says Shocks Her

Photo Credits: Instagram @jacksonscountrystomp

Last weekend at Idaho’s Jacksons County Stomp, country stars Cassadee Pope and Neal McCoy shared the bill. Even though both of these artists are frequently on the road and participating in country music events, somehow they had never met before this moment.

Despite never coming face to face, it did turn out that McCoy was made familiar with the No. 1 artist and Grammy nominee. During their backstage meeting, McCoy told Pope that he shared with his daughter that “someone named Cassadee Pope” would be performing at the same event. Upon hearing the news, his daughter became extremely excited and exclaimed that she loves her. It turns out that Pope had performed with her former band, Hey Monday, at a rock show McCoy’s daughter attended.

Touched by the kind words and support, Pope, in true Pope fashion, sincerely and genuinely shared how flattered she was. She then updated McCoy somewhat, explaining that was in her rock day and that her journey has been crazy, but she is having fun.

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One of the coolest things about the country music community is the diversity and versatility of the artists. This is a shining example of someone who may only dabble in country music because her dad is in the industry, but now could cross over as a fan because another artist she loves has done so in her career.

Say what you will about the genre and its sub-genres and its sub-sub-genres, but if every time an artist with the skills and abilities of Cassadee Pope leaves an old act to come over to country, she/he brings a bevy of new ears, as well. Those artists who can’t be pigeonholed are helping the genre grow and garner more and more respect every single day. Sure, it would be nice to keep the country in country, but who can argue with the importance of ensuring that the genre continues to grow and evolve?

In short, no one.

Watch the adorable Cassadee Pope and Neal McCoy meeting above!